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Luna Valencia sheds light on all aspects of your organization, creating initiatives that drive growth, inclusion and progress.

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What We Do

Luna Valencia serves as a confidential and candid thought partner to leadership teams as they assess business growth and traditional marketing, workplace and communications strategies.

Through solid partnerships and trust, we can help you increase brand awareness, maximize community investments and enhance your diversity and inclusion efforts by building strategies that drive bottom-line results.

We have proven experience and passion to advance change in an increasingly diverse workforce and marketplace; and have achieved success through a commitment to people, equitable access and social betterment.

What We Provide

Collaborative Leadership

The power of collaborative leadership affirms that we are stronger when we work together.  We create impact by bringing the right people and the right partners together to enhance purpose-driven work that contributes to achieving your goals.

  • Community Outreach & Engagement Solutions
  • Strategic Alignments & Relationship Management
  • Building Partnerships

Segment Marketing

One size does not fit all. Understanding diverse market segments is a business imperative in today’s global economy.  We create relevant connections across cultures, traditions and language that build authentic relationships between brands and people.

  • Target Audiences – how to reach and talk to defined market segments
  • Business Development / Project Management
  • In-Culture / In-Language Communications & Planning

Diversity & Inclusion

We seek to optimize performance by embedding diversity and inclusion into operational strategies that leverage diverse perspectives and reflect a culture that promotes innovation and growth.

  • Evaluation of Internal Operations
  • Assessment of Cultural Competency
  • A Transformative Process

Community Cultivation

Investing in the community is a shared responsibility. We guide our clients to contribute their assets to respected organizations and initiatives that strengthen families, boost educational access and attainment and promote economic vitality for everyone.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sponsorships & Corporate Giving Guidelines
  • Strategic Philanthropy
  • Public Affairs Initiatives & Civic Engagement

Who We Are

“We support each other in work and in life, and we create space for laughter and fun. We base our relationships on trust and approach them with honor, transparency and respect. We meet our clients where they are, and we are dedicated to getting them where they want to be.”

Gema Luna


Ricardo Valencia


Ricardo Valencia

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To speak with Luna Valencia about enhancing your brand’s business expansion, community outreach and diversity efforts, please contact us.